City of Gilby ND

We hope you will find the information on our new website useful to help answer any questions you may have about the City of Gilby. 

We are also open to ideas of NEW information you would like to see on this website. Please use the form on the contact page.

We ask that you please be mindful of parking on city streets to allow the county blade to provide maintenance on the streets. Parking off the street as far as possible will allow the blade the best access to complete maintenance. Thank you! 

Roll off dumpsters for city clean up will be uptown on Friday May 5th. This is to encourage city wide clean up! If more than one roll off is needed, the city will assure another one is in place. Please note: DO NOT PLACE the following items in the roll off dumpsters: No rock, brick, household garbage,  or oil. Please set all metal and appliances off to the side and not in the roll off's as well. 

Also we would like to request that people do not park on city streets for extended periods of time so it does not interfere with the accessibility of the rescue squad as well as general maintenance of the roads. We appreciate your attention to this matter! 

Reminder that all recycling containers must be at the curb by 7:30 AM on the 4th Monday of each month. If a holiday happens to fall on the 4th Monday than recycling will be picked up the next business day.

Garbage rates for the residents of Gilby will be increasing by 10% effective 4-1-17 as our costs have increased. If you prefer to pay monthly vs. quarterly, you may pay at the water office during regular business hours.

The annual Pet Clinic will be held on May 10, 2017 at 5-7PM in the fire hall. Agassiz Animal Hospital from Park River will be providing vaccinations for your cats and/or dogs. Just a friendly reminder that all pets in the city are to be licensed. Cost for city license is $5/pet. This requires proof of vaccination and is required for the safety of our residents. As well, we do have a city ordinance (11.0200) effective 3-6-2012 that each household is allowed 2 cats and 2 dogs per residence.

The city does require all dogs and cats in the city to have a city license and proof of vaccination. Cost for the city license is $5.00 per pet annually. The city does offer a vaccination clinic each May at which time you may vaccinate your pet and receive a city license.

Please note that in order for your recycling to be picked up, it must be put in the street and not the alley. Thank you

Please note that the Grand Forks County Highway Department requests that landowners do not push snow into the right of way, which includes roadways, in-slopes, ditch bottoms, back-slopes and around mailboxes of any public roadway.

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